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Partnering with the right laboratory for cannabis analysis can mean improved health and safety standards for your customers. Contact DB Labs today to learn about our rigorous cannabis testing procedures and highly qualified team.

Our Pillars

  • Easy to work with

    We are easy to do business with, as you can tell from our online tracking system, single dashboard of results, and easy-to-work-with team.

  • Considerate of your Time

    We are considerate of your time, which is why we offer complimentary pick-up and never delay analysis delivery.

  • We are Quality

    We know quality and consistency are important to you for patient safety, so we utilize highly specialized equipment, procedures, and an experienced team.

  • Here to help

    We are focused on making your business a success by sharing operating procedures, testing requirements, and through workshops.

  • Money Matters

    We know money matters, so we provide monthly discounts and customer loyalty perks.

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Depending on the matrix, our typical turn-around time is 24 hours to 72 hours.

These amounts are approximate and allow for a good representative sample:

  • Flower/Trim – Usable/Wet 12g
  • Edible – 1 unit or 5g
  • Topical – 1 unit or 2g
  • Extracts (Solvent/Non-Solvent) – 2g

Yes, please call for a quote. We do offer volume discounts.

Yes! Weedmaps is an important partner of ours and we work very closely with them to make sure the results of our clients’ tests are visible on the Weedmaps.com page if requested.

The results are emailed to you when they become available and can always be found on our web portal.

To schedule a pickup, you can go through our website and click on Order Cannabis Test or call us at 1-844-5-TESTIN.

A limit of quantification (LOQ) is the smallest concentration of an analyte that is reported. Any concentration found in a sample below the established reporting limit is displayed as LOQ, meaning it was not detected. Sometimes we may find a concentrate that is between the LOQ and the established acceptable limit: in this case, the sample still passes the test, but it is helpful to know if you are getting a contamination problem, so that proactive corrective action can be taken.


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